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My globally unique rubber location "The Asylum" is in HAMBURG, Germany - 


A N D   G ER M A N Y   I S   S O O O O   F A R   A W A Y  !

O N C E   I N   A   L I F E T I M E

Hi you guys (and gals!) from the US and Canada,

I have quite a few guests from North America who visit me in HAMBURG, Germany for one of my unique rubber treatments.

But then again, I often get e-mails from other people beyond the ocean saying
"Oh, well, I would die for visiting my Rubber Mistress Natalia!, but…"
or "Seeing and worshipping my Rubber Goddess once in a lifetime, but…"
or ” Treatment of my Morbus Rubber disease by the German Rubber Doctress Natalia! in her clinical Asylum is urgently needed, but…"

What the hell is this "but"?
Guys, I'll tell you what this "but" is.
Often it is simply the ignorance of geographical and other conditions. Distance and travel time, travel costs, language, visa, German whores…

For many people from North America, "Europe" is a "once in a lifetime" thing, usually for the romantic occasion of a honeymoon.
"Europe in three days" - Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Rome and the Colosseum, Venice and its gondolas…

But of course it is nonsense to want to experience Europe in three days. Europe is a continent half the size of the U.S.,
and it consists of nearly 50 countries that are very different culturally, geographically and linguistically.
It is home to 700 million people who converse in more than 60 different languages.

BUT (now here comes MY but!):
It is possible to visit your Rubber Goddess Natalia! in Germany without any problems!
You don’t believe that? Here we are.

Your ”but” no.1.
Distance and travel time.

East coast: from JFK in NYC to Frankfurt it is about 7 hours only.
West coast: from LAX in Los Angeles to Frankfurt about 11 hours only.
Plus the detour to Hamburg, duration by plane 1 hour.

Your ”but” no.2.
Travel costs.

Flights: very low, depending on airline, season etc., several hundred dollars only.
Hotel: there are countless hotels of all price ranges in Hamburg.

Your ”but” no.3.
The language.

Okay, German is a difficult language. But you don't need to be able to speak a single word of German!
Hotel staff, cab drivers, in most restaurants - very many people in Germany speak English!
And of course we rubber women will also talk to you in English.

Your ”but” no.4.
Tourist Visa.

For U.S. and Canadian citizens no problem at all!
Get information on the internet.

Your ”but” no.5.
Prostitution is illegal.

Yes, prostitution is illegal in the US (except for some counties in Nevada), as it is in Canada.
BUT: prostitution is FULLY LEGAL BY LAW in Germany!!
You will NOT get into trouble if you book and pay prostitutes in Germany!
(However, you should not say that you want to visit whores when you apply for a visa for Germany in the USA.
I don't think the German authorities have a problem with that. The American or Canadian authorities have more of a problem,
it may happen that they refuse to issue you a visa).

Your ”but” no.6.
I have never visited a prostitute before.

I am a beginner.
I am totally insecure about it.
Horny! I love beginners!! I can still really spoil them according to my rubber-perverted ideas...
With my horny rubber body, my big rubberized tits and ass, my depraved rubber fetish character....
and together with my dirty rubber women...

And finally your "but" no.7.  Your family.
Yes, that's the only "but" I really let stand. Your family, your wife, your children... Of course you can't tell them what you're up to.
"Hey babe, hey kids, I'm sorry but you'll have to spend the coming weekend alone. I'm going to Germany for some days
to visit my Rubber Goddess Natalia!..."
Well, that's probably an unrealistic idea. But it would be great if it were so easy to do.
I can't help you with this "but" either, you have to find a solution yourself, an excuse, a reason why you are away for the weekend....

Got a long weekend?
Perfect, my rubber friend. Because you actually only need three days to visit me.
Friday: your flight to Hamburg.
Saturday: your unique rubber experience with me & my rubber women
Sunday: your return flight.

Got it?!
Your Rubber Goddess Natalia! in Hamburg does not live on another planet! (although I would love to live on "Planet Rubber",
the planet where all women are naturally fully rubberized…!)

Your Rubber Goddess Natalia! and her depraved fully rubberized Rubber Women are only a few hours away from you by plane,
nothing but an horny unforgettable weekend trip!
(Much more exciting than your last vacation trip to a Caribbean destination!)

Your very very special ”Once in a lifetime…” !

City vacations.
And, if you have a few days longer: the city of Hamburg with its harbour, its famous opera house, with its mighty Elbe River,
its lakes within the city, its shopping miles, its worldwide famous/infamous red light district St. Pauli and Reeperbahn with its strip clubs,
table dance bars and kinky fetish sex shops, is supposedly "The most beautiful city in the world"!  
By the way, did you know: Hamburg has more romantic canals than Venice...!

HAMBURG 6 exclusive shopping mile Neuer Wall

Interested? Write me! Ask me for my SESSION INFO!

   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HAMBURG 7 red light district St.Pauli

See you soon for unique rubber sex & treatments




HAMBURG 8 Natalias THE ASYLUM 3511d 149