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  Natalia! - My Rubber Life

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The international H.R. magazine wrote end of 2008:
„The „modern fetish scene“ began.. around the mid-1980s. Was there rubber fetishism previously only in small,  little known circles, latex designers now made their way into the public. Rubber became hip, found its way into music videos and haute couture.
At the same time there was an increasing offer for well-made fetish videos and small
photo magazines, lead by Jo Hammar and his unforgotten model Natalia who dominated a whole epoch.
Legendary until today is the „Gummi-Klinik“ trilogy where the infamous Frau Dr. Monteuil was at work, celebrating bizarre watersport orgies. Also the “perverse“ transparent rubber here became for the first time... popular.
At that time Natalia frequently appeared in television and frankly admitted her fetishes.“

Yes, I have witnessed this time first hand. At the end of the 80s/begin of the 90s, I had just become 18 years, along with my other life and the development of my nice little career as make-up artist, model and television actress (see Natalia! - some facts about me )  I was wholly involved in the rubber fetish scene. Stricty, RUBBER was for me the main thing.
It was an exiting and disturbing time, and I am very proud that I had been associated with the pioneers of rubber fetish.
But, even though today many call me the Madam of rubber fetish, at that time I just was an apprentice.

I had the great good fortune to meet the doyen of rubber fetish, the Swede Jo Hammar who had a favourable and decisive influence on my further life.
He was involved in the scene from the very first beginnings, and he is the one who, together with some British created what today is for everyone the “rubber fetish“. Compagnions of Jo Hammar were a.o. John Sutcliffe, the publisher of the legendary former ATOMAGE magazine, Alan Jones, at that time the most famous pop art artist on the planet, Vivien Westwood, cult star of the fashion scene, and some others.

Jo Hammar - air force commander and fighter-bomber pilot, specialist for expeditions to tropical rain forests and author of adventure reports, manager of a crocodile farm and touristic hotel director in the Malayan jungle, trained banker and acclaimed photographer for nearly all the world‘s editing offices of PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE, advertising and fashion photographer based in Hamburg and televison producer with studios in Hollywood, and as a photographer of the international music business being a popstar himself (unforgotten his idea of Amanda Lear‘s stage appearance in a rubber outfit), heaped upon with awards.
And also a foresighted co-founder and chronicler of rubber fetish in photo and film as well as latex designer and inventor of unspeakable fetish machines created the basics. He played a part everywhere where rubber fetish developed.

It was him who got the material „rubber“ out of a hidden and, at that time, forbidden corner (the publisher John Sutcliffe was jailed because of his magazine, unthinkable today), who lead rubber fetish to totally new ideas and horizons and who developed the basis for today rubber fetish being a much sought-after topic for the media, a multi-million industry and the greatest main thing in life for many many people around the world.

H.R. magazine continues:
"All the more surprising that in wide sections of the nowadays scene this is no more known. Gummi Klinik? Never heard of. In the age of internet pictures and impressions are superimposing faster and faster, having shorter and shorter lifespans..."

Since many years Jo Hammar has professionally and privately withdrawn from public life. In past times, being a PLAYBOY photographer he could be seen between stars and starlets on any significant event, today hardly anyone knows where to find him - is he now living on his remote estate in Northern Germany, or yet again as earlier in his house in North Hollywood in the Hills, or still on legendary „Rubber Manor“ hidden between the black volcanic mountains on Lanzarote, or is rather the rumour true that he is relaxing on some Caribbean beach amidst lush coloured (and probably rubberized :-) beauties with “Sex On The Beach“ and “Tequila Sunrise“...? Well, I do know it...

He as well has withdrawn from public rubber fetish life. As he told me once he is seeing the current rubber scene with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he does not like the fact that much, too much has degenerated into mass junk. On the other hand, of course he likes it very much that the idea which he had developed together with his compagnions today has millions of followers.
Today with his work on this issue he is no longer in the public. What he still contributes stays hidden, and only the initiated know of it.

Now, what concerns me - since the age of 18 I have participated in numerous photo- and film-productions on rubber fetish.
Yes, I confess it with a broad grin and hypocritical flush of shame, it is true, I was the unbridled Rubber Student Nurse “Monika“ in the famous “Gummi-Klinik“ trilogy :-) who eagerly to learn lived and experienced the most perverse practises in the infamous Rubber Clinic  of Frau Dr. Monteuil.
In so far the part of Monika, the Rubber Student Nurse who couldn‘t get enough of practising more and more perverse clinical rubber treatments on “patient no. 27“ was tailor-made for me, the industrious apprentice of rubber fetish.
Also it is true, I have helped the yellow-transparent rubber (which of course means also the exceedingly dirty practises which are going with it :-))  on the road of success.
I was in many magazines and videos in rubber outfits on display. Often I appeared fully rubberized in television late night shows and discussion forums, representing my inclinations and opinions.

Although as a model and television actress I have been booked by many agencies, photographers, cameramen, producers and directors, as a rubber fetish model without exception always I only was available to the doyen Jo Hammar.
Today many say they had photographed and filmed me in rubber (and, yes, of course, at that occassion they also had gotten much more of me...), many claim that they had “discovered“ me, but that‘s all wishful thinking and pomposity, or, as we say here in Hamburg dialect, “dat is doch all dumm tuch !“. 
Whether in Hamburg or Hollywood, in California or on the Canary Islands, in Spain or on the Seychelles, for rubber fetish photos I was always just before Jo Hammars cameras.
Not only was he the inventor and spiritual father of the whole movement, he also was simply the best. And, assessing what I see nowadays in the internet and on printworks, much of bad quality and some outstandingly good, I think he still is the number one.

Of course all this was a unique basis for me when in 2001 I decided to become a “Rubber pro Domme“. Even though I entered this profession as someone who comes in through the back door (after all, at that time I hadn‘t much knowledge about domina studios and prostitution at all), I was already known to many fans who at first didn‘t believe that now it was possible to experience me personally, live and very close, and who then couldn‘t hardly wait to book me...

See you...

With rubberlove


Also on this page I would have liked to show you many rubber photos and film prints from that time, but since many years this material lies in countless boxes in a storeroom. I really must take my time to go through all that stuff and to select “The Best Of“.