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  Natalia! - What I like


The personal and professional info about me on my website under
"Natalia! - Some Facts" and "Natalia! - My Rubber Life"
I have extended by this page on multiple request - now there is probably nothing left what my fans do not know about me...

Well now - what are my preferences?   (in addition to gummi / latex / rubber of course!!)

High Heels
- shoes and boots!  Of course always as sharp and thin as possible, at least up from 10cms, higher preferred. Pumps, booties, knee-high boots, crotch-high boots, ballet boots, ...
Although I already have a small room for my boots and shoes only, I get it done without hesitation to add some more to my collection which even do not have my shoe size (German 38, i.e. UK 5, US 7.5).
Why?? Well. The 38ers I wear. The other sizes I have for looking at...
I simply have three fetishes: rubber, high heels, beautiful female faces.

My clothes.
Well! What a question! Rubber!
But, of course, outside of my treatments I also wear some other things. For example made of leather, and others.
The main thing is always: elegantly-ladylike! Unfortunately, I find very little "off the peg". Top German size 46, bottom German size 36-38 - mostly I have to see my tailor. Well, having a look at my bra size (German 70 H) this is not surprising.

My parfum is Chanel No. 5.
It is going so perfectly well with my skin that it has an effect on others like an aphrodisiac (only on others? Sometimes, I believe, even on myself!). On an elegant fashion show I came across a dominatrix who - no sooner she had smelled me - deeply buried her face in my clevage and murmured dreamily "You smell sooo good - I want to be your slave...". A dominatrix! It must be a magical essence. I then allowed her to...

My colour is russian-green (emerald-green). 

In terms of jewelry, only platinum comes into question (the colour gold does not suit me at all). With emeralds!

Where do I spend my holidays?
If I ever get to making holidays (the rubber dates with you are taking up all of my time, boys and girls!) I go to where it's cold! Iceland, Greenland, Alaska. Dominique says I need that because I am so vivacious... :-)  Thanks for the flowers, but she is a fine one to talk! My geografic preferences she does not like at all, she comes from Sicily. When planning a vacation we always quarrel about that.

Therefore, my favourite seasons are - of course! - autumn and winter. By the way not only because of my preference for the big outdoor fridge. After all, rubber is much more pleasantly to wear when temperatures are more moderate (say about 12 - 22 centigrade) as if the sweat is accumulating in the latex boots.

What kind of books do I read.
Erotic vampire novels (well, rather soft porn. Also without "soft"!). Maybe because I myself am kind of vampire. With my rubber sex I suck men and women the rational thinking out of their brain so that they only think with their balls / their ovaries...
The news magazine DER SPIEGEL. Because there's at least half of the truth in there.

My favourite movie is of course the cult film "Barb Wire" with Pamela Anderson starring. By the way, in the opening scene she wears black rubber! And in the rest of the film black leather.

My music largely depends on my mood, from Pink to Moby, from Nazareth to the Stones, from AD/DC to 70s rock classics.

My favourite pets are cats, Maine Coons. When I have become a very old grandma and even fully rubberized nobody wants me anymore I will move to a small thatched cottage, with nothing but a dozen of Maine Coons.

Doing hair and makeup.
Visage, MakeUp and Hair Styling are my original professions, and I still love to deal with it. Beautiful female faces are having a strong fascination for me.
I myself would never (never!) leave the house without makeup. I also do my makeup when sometimes I am alone at home. For whom? For me!

Fast sports cars.
Wicked! My unique, rare, erotic and fast Pininfarina (in the special colour russian-green!) a biker transported in a heavy accident to Rubbish Valhalla, I am still mourning the loss (of the car, not of the stupid, absurdly enough to him nothing happened!). Was a real sex subsitute for me (the car!!).
At the moment I am looking around what's there, but so far no other one has really appealed to me.

Heavy bikes.
The thing only is: because of a certain medical reason I cannot ride a bike. Well, also I am not without a flaw.

Dangerous sport.
is an ultimate kick for me. Paragliding for example. I know, that is madness, if a gust catches you wrongly life is terminated within seconds. Or, worse, from then being paraplegic Natalia! makes her rubber sessions in a wheelchair. On the other hand, this has something to be said for it - in a perverse rubber outfit and with ballet-high-heels on being wheeled by the lascivious pushy, eh, clinical assistant to the strict treatment...

Manual skills.
Hard to believe if one sees me rubberized, is it not? But it's true. I can compete with many painters and tilers, plumbers and also gardeners. But always ladylike, and if any possible at least partly rubberized - see the snapshot above, me working in my nature biotope!

Unspoiled nature.
It makes me very sad when I see how nature gets more and more destroyed, and how little understanding many people have. I am asking myself why here it isn't possible what in some developing countries like e.g. Costa Rica (one third of the area of the country are nature reserves) leads to economic prosperity.

The whole day I can talk nonsense and laugh buckets until the tommy hurts (or until the Rubber Doctress comes...). Everybody who knows me has experienced that. Girl friends call me "stoned by nature". And that works without any aids: I am disapproving drugs of any kind, and I am scarcely drinking alcohol.
But, caution, subs and bottoms, don't let you be fooled: this does not mean that in case of necessary strictness I would be lenient for a millimeter!

Strength and strictness. What does that mean?
Strength in myself, to control my life by myself, not to lean on others. I am the exact opposite of an "Uschi" (a German synonym for a woman who plays the stupid blonde for getting help in all situations of life).
Strength also in others - strong characters in both men and women.
Strength in my two protectors, the Rottweilers Cesar and Cleopatra.
Dominant strictness in my rubber sessions. I control my guests my way and I am leading them to undreamt-of rubber excesses.
And strictness of course also in my very private sex...

Reliability, honesty and loyalty.
This is self explanatory, right?

What's missing?
If I were in a beauty contest, let's say the election of Miss Rubber, of course I would like all who have ever been on a Miss-election stage, say "Peace on earth..." (Otherwise I would be the very first one who does not say that on such an occasion).
Well. That would be fantastic.

See you!


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