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Where you can meet me

Rubber Dates are currently possible
- in HAMBURG at my unique clinical rubber locaion THE ASYLUM
- in MUNICH at the VIP Fetish Penthouse
- as well as in BERLIN and DORTMUND
All details regarding the "where please see  locations !

How do we make a date

Either you book me / and if desired additionally separately one of the rubber women in coordination with our appointment calendars,

you can meet me on one of my occasional session tours which I perform from time to time
and on which I carry out several rubber appointments over a few days.

These session tours will be published timely in my NEWSletter as well as on my website.

All appointments can only be arranged by timely prior booking!

You can book me alone, or,
if you wish, in addition to me one of the rubber women who will attend appointments together with me on request..


For applying for a rubber appointment, first please send me an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please send a short and precise e-mail with your wishes (topics) - I get countless mails every day! I kindly ask for your understanding.

If any possible, you should also specify a phone number under which you are easy to reach!

(Only in case of a very short-termed request and if you have no chance of sending me an e-mail you might call me for your first contact:
(from Germany) 0152-54511185
(from abroad) +49-152-54511185)

Phone calls and e-mail correspondence are possible in German and English language.

NO first contact by SMS !      NO MMS !

For the final appointment, to arrange time and place and to discuss all the important details, I will contact you immediately by detailed SESSION INFO

In case

you want to book an additional second rubber woman to our date, please go to the page  Rubber Women. There are some independent escorts listed with whom I occasionally work together in such a way that you can book one of them additionally to your appointment with me.

Arrival by plane

The international airport of city and state of Hamburg:
HAM   (Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel,
or also called Hamburg International).

Airport info for travelling to special bizarre locations in other cities
you find under  locations


ATTENTION, I always send out html-Mails ! (with styled text)

Please do NOT set your possible virus- or SPAM-filter that way that all html-mails or mails with attachments (photos) will automatically be deleted!! (in that case, you will never receive an answer... :-(
Please also make sure that your service provider hasn‘t set the a general filter that way...!!

Please see also "In case you do not get a reply to your e-mail..."

For reasons of internet security, you CANNOT contact me using messenger services such as
WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts (former Google Talk), Snapchat, Threema, Skype, Slack, HipChat, Line, etc.
Also I'm NOT on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I DO NOT participate in these services and CANNOT receive such messages.

What are

"Session Tours"
- an explanation.

On the one hand
you can book me for individual rubber sessions in fetish locations or hotels in Hamburg, but also in whole Germany.
See also  All Locations

In principle, your rubber date can take place any time, it shall be determined in accordance with your date possibilities and with my appointment book.
A rubber woman chosen by you and I then travel to this date just for you.

This is the usual way how to book me.

On the other hand
occasionally I also carry out session tours. I then travel - on request together with a rubber woman - to a fetish location chosen by me.
These days are always announced here on my website under "Latest News" in due course.

Also these appointments must be arranged and booked in advance,
just coming around without having an appointment is not possible.

For questions regarding this matter please write me an e-mail under  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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When a session tour is scheduled, it will be noted immediately on my website under "Latest News" .